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League of Legends uses enet 1.2



So thanks to Jiwan ( i knew that LoL used enet, so i downloaded the latest version and start making a proxy and doing shit, but there was something off from the enet header….

So at first i thought they where using some custom mods to enet lib, and after 1 day searching it struck me that enet got different version, and YES LoL uses enet 1.2 protocol (compatible with enet 1.2.5)

Stay tuned for more updates to packet-lol (, IntPe9, and perhaps a sandbox…



League of Legends (LOL!)



Well, i’ve been playing this game for quite some time now, and i’m really enjoying it. But o well the hacker in me always comes snooping around. So here are some facts (some better proven then others)


  • Uses blowfish ECB for send/recv
  • Uses WSARecvFrom & WSASendTo
  • The key for that game session is given to the game client thought command line by the launcher process
  • The key is base64 encoded
  • Still not sure what they do with the (packetLenght-headerSize) % 8, i’m thinking of some custom simpel xoring, but no idea yet for that part.

I’m currently trying to derive what the different headers for the recv packets means, its quit a hassle but i think i’m starting to see the pattern. You have 2 different types, a multi packet header (32 bytes) and a solo packet header (14 bytes)

Well while i’m making this, i’m upping my IntPe9 packet editor, and its getting awesome. Currently it works through:

  • Boost IPC (message que)
  • Qt GUI client
  • Skeleton hooking system for a per target app

Well i keep you informed about progress on these 2 projects.