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[Recruiting] People to work on LoL server emulator



The guy who motivated me to start the project HeroWars dissapeared. So i’m searching for people to do tiny parts on HeroWars to keep me motivated. (Big parts are ofcourse even more welcome).

Little details:
Game: League of Legends
Goal: Full game server sandbox
Opensource repo:
Tool for packet analyse: (Also packet editing capability’s look at the python interpreter extensions)
Language: C++

So if you like to write wiki entry’s, do packet research, code some C++, design some images, make a standalone good forum or have any other thing you can provide or help.

Send me a mail and go to work!
You can also find me lurking in (Ping me as only then the screen goes active)

I’m hoping forward to meet you!



The Sims 3 general patcher



So i thought well why not make a quick patcher for everyone to use.


If you like it please say thanks 😉


A epic way to find memory leaks!



So i’ve been developing a self store kind of app with a big db behind it to keep track of everything (logistic and money wise)

So after a lot of hours writing stuff I started to see that a did not clean up tidy…. I saw a few new statements w/o deletes…. omg! Looking at the mem usage i was like WUTTEFUCK! Its as leak as a net.

I went to search through the code but well, it was rather large already. I then sought what geniuses had thought up for solutions. And yes, I think this is some epic solution so go check it out!


Yo world!



Intline9 here, new face old world. What more to say? Well this blog is not about my life nor any’s life. Its about information and stuff. PURE KNOWLEDGE.

Yes thats all we want on the internet right? Just information, the social shit we do in real lifes (if we have them)

So look forward to KNOWLEDGE