The Sims 3 No-DVD patches


So today my GF wanted to play The Sims 3. Well you can not say no of course. So i downloaded everything and installed it, but I wasent able to find a no-dvd patch for 1.24.3 so i just made one myself. (well looked at changes from previous no-dvd patches so credits to those makers)

So find the address with the AoB then do that address + offset and change that byte to EB. Do that for TS3W.exe and for TSLHost.dll and happy playing. Should work with most versions if not all.

	33 c0 81 c4 ?? ?? ?? ?? c3 8B 84 24 ?? ?? ?? ?? 50 8D 4c

	2 Offsets:
	+20 (32 dec) EB (BYTE)
	+3E (62 dec) EB (BYTE)
C3 CC CC CC CC CC 53 56 8B 74 24 ?? 33 DB 3B F3 ?? ?? A1 ?? ?? ?? ?? 50 56

2 Offsets:
+10 (16 dec) EB (BYTE)
+70 (112 dec) EB (BYTE)



13 Responses to “The Sims 3 No-DVD patches”

  1. Jack Says:

    Googled here,

    Don get it, what app u use to open and edit? hexeditor?
    wanna try.

  2. intline9 Says:

    Yes a hex editor should work, i’ve searched with ollyDbg.

  3. RAS Says:

    I searched for quite some time before I found this. I wonder why this is so hard to find? Patchers for 1.22.9 are all over, but not 1.24.3. Thanks!

  4. Joy Says:

    not clear for me what to do…I found in HEX editor that address 33 c0 81 c4 ?? ?? ?? ?? c3 8B 84 24 ?? ?? ?? ?? 50 8D 4c but what to do now? What to replace and how?

  5. Adminis Says:

    Have tried searching the address in ollyDbg, (somewhat familiar with it) but the only AoB I come across is 33 c0 81 c4, if I try typing anything else it won’t find it.. any advice? tnx

  6. itsmeandyou244 Says:

    Thank you, still works with the newest version ( at the time of writing this). Selfmade cracks are always the best since you know that there are no viruses ;).

  7. itsmeandyou244 Says:

    Selfmade cracks are always the best ones since you know there are no viruses in it ;).

    Still works with version 1.33.x ^^.

  8. Leo Says:

    awesome! still work with 1.34 patch :O

  9. Marko Schröder Says:

    Verry Verry Good Job Thank´s

  10. Tiago Says:

    Can someone with a little patience teach me how to do this? I have no idea….:(

  11. Maki Hoshisawa Says:

    Still works today with 1.63 😉

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