A epic way to find memory leaks!


So i’ve been developing a self store kind of app with a big db behind it to keep track of everything (logistic and money wise)

So after a lot of hours writing stuff I started to see that a did not clean up tidy…. I saw a few new statements w/o deletes…. omg! Looking at the mem usage i was like WUTTEFUCK! Its as leak as a net.

I went to search through the code but well, it was rather large already. I then sought what geniuses had thought up for solutions. And yes, I think this is some epic solution so go check it out!



2 Responses to “A epic way to find memory leaks!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Goomba here,

    Thank you! Really needed link! Will continue to follow your blog!

  2. Paul Nel Says:

    Hey IntLine9, I’d like to talk to you about certain aspects of the League of Legends packet protocol. Where can I find you? We’re currently developing something that I think you would have some interest in, even if you dont play LoL anymore. Please get back to me, its regarding the encryption!

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