Stupid headers!


So i’ve been trying to figure this out and well, its not that simple. BUT HEY! That makes it good!

So the the decrypting is coming along nicely. So with that all my notes i have i published in a pastebin. Ofcourse there is a lot of stuff not done yet, i’m having a lot of troubles with the different header sizes, and the main header type flag, or something……

O well its a lot of fun. If you need help with decrypting the packets contact me 😉 i can provide you with some code examples if needed.

O YA!, 1 more important point. It seems that the packets are in big endian form!



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9 Responses to “Stupid headers!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good work! Rooting for you to do something awesome!

  2. Andrew Portner Says:

    Hey, noticed one more thing. Looks like the multi-packet header is actually 18 bits

  3. Intel > iAMDead Says:

    Hi, I recently started looking into LoL packet structure too but I have some problems with packets (trying to emulate server). Could you help me with this? I can’t find your contact information

  4. Scriptor Says:

    Could your packet decryption used to create a basic sandbox activating all champions and skins to see how they look ingame?

    I don’t really like those model viewers because ingame is a bit different.

  5. standimGuide Says:

    Hey. Very good work!
    I tried to decrypt the data like on the screenshot, but i dont know which part of the udp-packet i have to use. Could you help me, please?

  6. standimGuide Says:

    Ok, i think now i’m able to seperate header and data. I have already decrypted some packets, but sometimes i get data with lenght of e.g. 13 bytes. Do i have to pad the missing 3 bytes? and which method of padding do i have to use?
    The lenght of the encrypted data should be divisible by 8byte/64bit, theoretically.. but 13 isn’t… i’m unsure how i should handle this.

  7. Jiwan Says:

    You should take a look at this IntLine9 :

    If you are interested, mail me.


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