Qt gui inside a dll


Well i really did my best to avoid Qt. Why? i really do not know that. But a few days back i had some real issues with VCL from Borland and i had enough. I wanted to have GUI’s from any compiler. So my search began. I stumbled many many many times across Qt and every time i ignored it. So i did found something which had a very good design (eGUI++) but it required boost. (And also that i tried to avoid, Why? i still do not know).

So i decided o what the hell lets set up boost in a correct solid way. It worked just fine and it was very easy to setup. But then i thought by myself can i not setup Qt in a way i  dont have much hassle about includes libs etc etc etc. And so i did. In not to much time i had a sexy running Qt GUI application. And then i was changed. I do support Qt now!

Anyways, back to the point. I like finding exploits etc. So i decided well lets make a dll from that Qt GUI. So changed some settings and WinMain injected it in a process. and it froze. I was already tired (i had to stand up at 01:45 AM to bring some people to some party’s but i couldn’t sleep after that anymore so i was broken)

Once again i decided fock this, lets debug it. So i started tracing around in Olly and then i noticed it was breaking on “CoCreateInstance” so some more googling and there you go:

And when i red that i was like. O god, doho! So i added some simple threading from where the QtApp and QtGui are created and it works like a charm.

So if you want sexy GUI’s inside a injected dll remember to start a thread from where you will create the QtApp!



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