Keygenme *easy*


Ok so i was browsing around on tuts-4-you today, and a funny keygenme caught my eye,  Its written by “qpt^j” (no idea who he is but o well).
Because i never really wrote any keygens or so, and it was for the newbs i was wondering if i could just get it and create a keygen for it.

I opened it in olly and start tracing around in it, and indeed its VERY simpel. But all with all it took me 15+- minutes to understand the algorithm.
After that i searched for a masm keygen template (very nice one) by “H!X”, i started playing with it and moding it etc etc etc. Then wrote the keygen algorithm and tada 🙂 my first keygen made!

Now you can go try to crack it yourself! Or if you are lazy you can look up the algorithm here

You can find my keygen and his keygenme, here



2 Responses to “Keygenme *easy*”

  1. andrewl Says:

    congrats on your first keygen! hope to see more from you!

  2. Mr. Squishy Says:

    Hope to see more outta ya ;D

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